Videos to help you with learning English.

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These will also help with your G60 Course of Lessons.

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A0 Phonetics Pronunciation: A0 Human Beings:
A0 Greetings and Farewells: A0 Numbers 1-20:
A0 Personal Pronouns: A0 Numbers 21-40:
A0 Useful Phrases: A0 Numbers 41-60:
A0 The Alphabet: A0 Numbers 61-80:
A0 Basic Colours: A0 Numbers 81-100:
A0 Regular Verbs, Come, Go, Say: A0 The days of the week:
A0 The 5 Senses: A0 The months of the Year:
A1 Telling the time: A1 Prepositions IN, ON, AT:
B1 Easy Conditionals: B1 Airport Vocabulary: