Telephone Vocabulary

Old red telephone.

Words to use on the phone.

Telephone (pronounced ‘tɛlɪfəʊn) Noun.

  • A system for transmitting voices over a distance using wire or radio, by converting acoustic vibrations to electrical signals. “A telephone call.”
  • Verb: To contact (someone) using the telephone. “He telephoned his wife at 9:30.”
answer answering machine area code bad line
busy signal call callback call display
call box caller collect call conference call
cordless phone country code credit card call cut off
desk phone dial dial tone directory enquiries
engaged ex-directory extension line fault
fax machine get through hang up hold on
house phone international directory international call leave a message
listed number local call long-distance message
number off the hook office phone operator
outside line overseas call pager pay phone
person to person phone book phone bill phone card
pick up put through call box pay phone
phone card pick up put through receiver
record message reverse charges ring riong off
ringing tone signal switchboard operator
telephone telephone box telephone directory unlisted number
white pages works number wrong number yellow pages

Useful mobile / cell phone vocabulary

android answerphone battery breaking up
cell phone contract coverage credit
ePhone handset internet iPhone
missed call mobile network plan
pre-paid reception roaming service
service provider signal strength SIM card smartphone
text message touch pad voice mail voIP

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