Speak English the easy way…

Two people with speech bubbles.

Your goal is to speak English correctly, right?

Reading and Writing are important…

But you need to speak the language.

  • Question: How did we learn to speak our own language?
  • Answer: By listening and repeating.
  • Question: How can we learn to speak English?
  • Answer: By listening and repeating.

Teaching English by listening and repeating is easy.

Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Register with this site and get the first twelve Beginners’ Lessons.
  2. Read and practise all of the words and phrases in each lesson.
  3. Listen carefully to my videos to get the correct pronunciation
  4. If you have no teaching experience, start with children.
  5. Teach phonetics first and practice the pronunciation of each word.
  6. Read and repeat the phrases, not just the single words.
  7. Have students practice one phrase a day, repeating it over and over again.
  8. Teach only the basics of grammar, leave the advanced stuff until later.
  9. Also leave the difficult vocabulary and verb conjugations for later.
  10. Use as many ‘listening‘ sites as possible and always make students repeat what they hear.
  11. Don’t encourage learning English from movie subtitles. The translation is not 100% correct.
  12. Use my Grammar Tips. You will receive them monthly when you register with this site.