Shopping Vocabulary


Words to use when going shopping.

SHOPPING – ( pronounced = ˈʃɒpɪŋ ) – Noun.

  • The purchasing of goods from shops.
  • Goods bought from shops, especially food and household goods.
SHOPPING 25% off assistant bag
bakery bank notes barcode bargain
basket book shop boutique box
butcher café carrier bag cash
cash and carry cash machine cashier changing rooms
charity shop chemist / pharmacy cheque closed
closing down sale cobbler’s coins confectioner’s
corner shop counter credit card customer
debit card delicatessen department store discount
D.I.Y. dress shop electrical goods escalator
fashion department fishmonger fitting room florist
garden centre gents ouotfitters gift shop greengrocer
grocer haberdashery hardware store home appliances
ironmonger’s jeweller kiosk ladies wear
lift / elevator manager market newagents
off licence open opening hours opticians
pet shop petrol staion post office purse
receipt sales second hand shelf
shoe shop shopping centre signature special offer
spend stationer stock supermarket
sweet shop tailor till / cash register tobacconist
toy shop trolley wallet wholesalers

Things you may want to ask when you’re shopping

Are you open all day? Are you open every day?
Are you open on Saturday afternoons? Are you open on Sundays?
Can I have a refund, please? Can I pay by cheque?
Could I have a receipt, please? Do you deliver?
Do you have any ——— ? Do you have anything smaller / bigger?
Do you have something a little cheaper? Do you have this in other colours?
Do you take credit cards? Does this have a guarantee?
Excuse me, do you work here? How much are these?
How much does this cost? How much is it?
I’d like to return this. I’d like to speak to the manager.
I’m looking for some ———-. I’m just looking / browsing, thank you.
I want to make a complaint. That’s too expensive.
What time do you close? Where are the changing rooms?
Where can I find the toilets, please? Will you gift wrap that for me, please.

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