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Review from Mª Rosa, Malaga, Spain.

Read this review from Mª Rosa B., Malaga, Spain.

I met Susie Kay five years ago when I realized that my dream was to become a fashion designer and to study in England. Within three months she prepared me for the IELTS exam and introduced me to her method of learning English which reinforced my grammar knowledge as well as teaching me pronunciation and phonetics starting from the basics. This knowledge was invaluable for me to adapt to British University life, make friends and pass my course, I was also able to work in a pub and deal with customers with different regional accents. I’m now a women’s-wear design graduate and since then Susie has helped three family members to improve their level of English and achieve their individual goals.


Review from Francesca M., Milan, Italy.

Read this review from Francesca M. M., Milan, Italy.

Before I met Susie Kay seven years ago, I had tried different English courses in Italy, in different schools. But the results were not very good. So I started to take Skype lessons as a new experience and I found them very interesting. Following Susie’s lessons I improved my grammar and pronunciation quickly, and I found the lessons easy to understand, both the meanings and the grammar. I still like to have conversation lessons every week, even after seven years, and I will continue to do so for as long as possible.


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Kaycontinental has a unique course of sixty ‘easy to understand’ grammar and vocabulary lessons given in question and answer format. The teacher simply reads out each word or phrase clearly and distinctly and the students learn by listening and repeating, whilst their pronunciation is monitored and corrected. They practice and memorize what they have learned by doing the exercises at the end of each lesson. These exercises are usually given to the students for homework. The full course covers all the necessary grammar for five levels of English, (Beginners through Upper Intermediate) with twelve lessons at each level. The course also uses the five hundred most frequently spoken words in the English language, again and again, and gives several pages of Vocabulary. Each lesson is four pages long, ideal for one hour, and has its own exercises (with answers given).

So Simple to Use. No Graphics. No Games.
No Preparation. No Experience nor College Degree Necessary.