Restaurant Vocabulary

Restaurant tables laid for dinner.

Words to use in the Restaurant

Res·tau·rant – (pronounced ‘rest(ə)rənt) – Noun.

A place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises.

self-service snack-bar take-away fast-food
bagels baked potato beef biscuits
black pudding boiled potatoes bread roll butter
calamares caviar cheese chicken
chips cod condiments consommé
crab crackers cream cutlery
dessert dish duck entrée
fork french fries fresh fruit fresh vegetables
gazpacho glass goulash gravy
ice-cream knife lamb lobster
main course meat medium medium-rare
mixed vegetables mushroooms napkin / serviette octopus
paella pasta dishes paté pizza
plaice pork prawns pudding
rare red wine reservation roast potatoes
rosé wine salad salad dressing sauce
sea-food service compris shell-fish shrimps
side-dish side-salad snails soup of the day
spoon starter steak steamed vegetables
tip to go toast veal
vegan vegetarian vinegar white wine

Things you might want to say in the restaurant:

Can I book a table for Friday, please. Could I have a liqueur coffee, please.
Can we have the bill, please? Can you see the waiter / waitress?
Could I have some ice, please? Could you please tell me the ingredients.
Do you accept credit cards? Do you have a menu of the day?
Do you do low-calorie meals? Excuse me, where are the toilets?
Forgive me, but is this home-made? I’d like a child’s portion.
I’d like another bottle of wine, please. I’d like to reserve a table for two.
I’d like an Irish coffee. I’m a vegan, what do you recommend?
I’m allergic to peanuts. Keep the change.
May I have a doggy-bag, please. May I have some water, please.
May I see the menu, please. Sorry, this is not what I ordered.

Things that the restaurant personnel may say to you:

Are you paying together or separately? Are you ready to order?
How do you want your steak? May I take your order now?
Please wait to be seated Today’s specials are….
Would you like a drink from the bar? Would you like any coffee?
Would you prefer the a la carte menu? Would you like to see the wine list?

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