Proficiency English – Level C2

Success at proficiency level English.

Know the language like a native…

The student who has reached Proficiency level is able to speak like a native English speaker. There will be subjects with which he or she is not familiar, (such as certain customs and ways of life) and there may also be a problem with accents and dialects from time to time. But apart from that, at Proficiency level the student should be totally fluent.

Proficiency means Fluency

It is not very easy to come up with a given course for proficiency level, as much of it would have to be similar to the A-level English exams taken by native speakers. Proficiency is based more on inference (reading between the lines) and idiomatic knowledge, and this calls for a total understanding of the language.
One good way to become very ‘savvy’ in the various uses of English, is to practice reading newspapers. Whilst it is difficult for beginners to completely master journalistic reports and clippings, at this level students should be able to understand virtually all of the jargon and the vernacular that is used by the press.
My advice to teachers is to encourage their students to have as many group conversations as possible with native speakers. The more people in the group, the better. This will get them speaking English as well as they speak their mother tongue in no time.

Proficiency in English

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