Pre-Intermediate English – Level A2

Student studying book for pre-intermediate English lessons.

Pre-Intermediate students should be able to:

Say please and thank you. Have a simple conversation in English. Buy everyday items in a shop. Be able to speak to someone on the phone. Agree and disagree with someone. Talk generally about personal things, about family, about their job. Ask the time and talk about the weather.

A2 – Pre-Intermediate Grammar to cover:

  • Modal verbs: e.g. can – can’t and must – mustn’t.
  • Possessive pronouns: mine, yours, his, hers etc.
  • Future Intention: to be going to. I am going to study medicine.
  • Present perfect tense: I have eaten.
  • Past simple tense with irregular verbs: I thought I ate.
  • Past continuous tense: I was eating.
  • Adverbs: beautifully, slowly, badly, well.

A2 – Pre-Intermediate Vocabulary includes:

  • Types of films: comedy, western, thriller.
  • Clothes: trousers, shirt, coat, etc.
  • Hobbies and interests: jogging, eating out, reading.
  • Language for booking hotels and restaurants: Can I book a single room please?
  • Landscape words: mountain, river, field, etc.
  • Parts of the body: shoulder, knee, etc.
  • Superlatives: the best, the most wonderful.

Check out the sidebar for lists of  vocabulary on various topics.

Writing and spelling may still be difficult, but this will get better with practise. Also at this time, students should be learning as many new words as possible.

TIP: Use our easy to understand lessons.

A2 Pre-Intermediate Pack

A2.1 – Comparatives & Superlatives. A2.2 – Comparatives II & Determiners.
A2.3 – The Past Simple – Regular Verbs. A2.4 – Adverbs of Frequency.
A2.5 – Adverbs of Time. A2.6 – The Future Tense.
A2.7 – The Past Simple – Irregular Verbs. A2.8 – The Present Perfect Simple.
A2.9 – The Present Perfect vs The Past Simple. A2.10 – Modal Verbs A.
A2.11 – Modal Verbs B. A2.12 – The verb to Have / Have got.

How do students remember what they have learned?
They do one lesson at a time and repeat every exercise!