Office Vocabulary

Colorful office paper clips.

Words that you can use in the office

Of·fice (pronounced ‘ôfis) Noun.

  1. A room, set of rooms, or building used as a place for commercial, professional, or bureaucratic work. “Computers first appeared in offices in the late 1970s.”
  2. A position of authority, trust, or service, typically one of a public nature.
    “The office of attorney general.”
accountant accounts accuracy achievement
add administration advertising advise
affiliation agenda agreement approval
associate balance sheet bill of lading board/directors
bond bonus bookkeeping boss
bottom line break even briefcase budget
business cards buyer calculator capital
chairperson check / cheque clause client
cold call collaboration collateral commerce
comercial commission commodity communication
company compensation conpromise computer
conference confirm consider consumer
contacts contract copyright corporate
credit currency customer databese
deadline deal debit decrease
deflation deliver demand department
development director discussion dispatch
distribution divsersify dividend download
duty economics edit efficiency
enquiry entrepreneur establish estimate
executive expenses experience export
fax machine figures finance folders
fund graph growth headquarters
import incentive income informative
initiative insurance interest rates inventory
investment invoice lap-top letterhead
login mailbox management managing director
marketing meeting memo merchant
mouse-pad network notebook offñine
order outsourcing password payroll
pen/flash drive pencil sharpener personnel photocopier
portfolio printer query research
salesperson schedule secretary shareholder
shipment signature spreadsheet stapler
stockholder supervisor trainee workspace

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