Money Vocabulary

Money in pounds sterling.

Words we use when talking about money

Mon·ey (pronounced ˈmʌni) Noun.

  1. A current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes. “Have you got money for the train fare?”
  2. Coins and banknotes collectively. “I counted the money before putting it in my wallet.”
MONEY account affluent
afford alarm balance
bank bankrupt bargain
bill bonus borrow
bought broke budget
business buy capital
cash cashier cent
change cheap cheque / check
coins cost credit card
currency debt deposit
discount dividend dollar
donation earn earnings
economy euro exchange rate
expense expensive fee
finance fine fund
generous gross income hard-up
income income tax inheritance
installments interest invest
investment lend loan
loss manager mortgage
overdrawn owe pay
payment pence penny
pension percentage pocket-money
poor pound price
profit prosperous purchase
purse quarter rate
rebate receipt recession
reduction refund rich
risk salary save
savings security spend
statement thrifty tip
trade travellers cheques treasury
valuable value vault
wage wallet wealthy
well-off winnings withdraw
worth worthless yield

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