Interview Vocabulary

job interview

When you go for a job interview, you will be asked a lot of questions. However, there are also things that you should say to the interviewer about why you want the job. Here are some of the things you should include:

  1. I love what I have read about your company.
  2. I would really appreciate the chance to work with you.
  3. This job sounds exciting and I feel motivated to do well.
  4. I have the qualifications / experience needed for this position.
  5. I am ready to learn all about your company / business.
  6. I believe that I am the best person for the job.
  7. I have set goals and I am searching for a job with future prospects.
  8. I am capable of working alone or in a team. I get on well with others.
  9. I can be available to start as soon as you wish.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.

Words to use in your job interview.

In·ter·view (pronounced ˈɪntəvjuː) Noun.

  1. A meeting of people face to face, especially for consultation. “All applicants will be called for an interview.”
  2. A conversation between a journalist or radio or television presenter and a person of public interest, used as the basis of a broadcast or publication.
  3. An oral examination of an applicant for a job, college admission, etc. “I am pleased to advise you that you have been selected for an interview.”
  4. Verb: To hold an interview with (someone). “He came to be interviewed by the manager.”
accomplished accomplishments accuracy active
adaptable address administration advanced
advantage advice allocation analysis
application apply approve arbitrate
arrange assistant attained background
behaviour budget calculate candidate
carry out catalogue certificate challenge
citizenship classified college communication
company competent computer conscientious
construct consult contract control
cooperate coordinate correspond counsel
country cover letter create creative
current position curriculum vitae customer date
date of birth deal decide dependable
dependants design determined develop
diploma diplomatic direct discreet
distributor divorced documents edit
education effective efficient elementary
employee employer energetic engineer
enterprising enthusiastic established estimate
evaluate exacting examination experience
fair minded finalize fluent form
formula function gender genuine
graduate group handicap honest
identify illustrate improvement index
innovative institution interest interpret
interview interviewer invent job
leadership loyal manager marital status
mature mechanical merge methodical
money motivate nationality native language
negotiate next of kin objective operate
operator organized outgoing outspoken
oversee past perform performance
phone number place plan position
positive potential practical practiced
prepared pressure previous productive
products programme project promotion
punctual purchase qualifications recommendation
records reliable representative resourceful
résumé (CV) review salary sales
schooling selected sell service
sincere skills stree successful
summarize summary supervise supervisor
survey team player trustworthy
worker work history worth yield


Questions that the interviewer might ask you:

Are you working at the moment? Do you have a clean driver’s license?
Have you had any previous experience? How much notice do you need to give.
What qualifications do you have? What type of position are you looking for?
When can you come for an interview? When did you start your current job?
Why did you leave your last job? Why did you pick this particular company?

Things that you may want to say to the interviewer:

How many days a week will I work? How soon would you like me to start?
I am a quick study, I want to learn. I am a sales / marketing professional.
I am looking for a good salary. I am looking to better myself.
I am looking for an opportunity to grow. I am reliable and hard-working.
I am self-motivated, I can work alone. I am used to working in a busy office.
I take pride in my work. I work well under pressure.
I work well with others, I am a team player. I would like this position because…
I would like to apply for the job. I would like to take on more responsibility.
Is the job full-time or part-time? Should I fill out an application form?
What are the hours? Who will I be reporting to?
Will promotion be possible? Will there be any overtime?