Intermediate English – Level B1

Two feet in the middle of the road indicating intermediate or midway there.

What Intermediate students need to know…

Intermediate students can understand normal conversation with people fluent in English, although they may sometimes need a little help. They are able to tell stories and ask and answer questions regarding topics that they hear. Talking about everyday situations should be easy and the reading and writing of simple texts such as emails should also be accomplished without difficulty.

B1 – Intermediate Grammar to cover:

  • Some more modal verbs: (should, may, might).
  • Zero conditional: When it rains, I use my umbrella.
  • First conditional: If it rains, I will use my umbrella.
  • Second conditional: If it rained, I would use my umbrella.
  • Non-defining relative clauses: The man, who was old, was here.
  • Gerunds and infinitives: going and to go.
  • The verb WILL or spontaneous decisions: I’ll pay the bill this time!
  • Present perfect continuous tense: I have been reading my book.
  • Past perfect tense: They had seen it, you had not watched it.
  • Take a look at our Posts page for grammar tips.

B1 Intermediate vocabulary includes:

  • Compare and contrast: both, neither, whereas.
  • Polite forms: Would you mind? I’m afraid I can’t.
  • Expressions for generalizing: On the whole, in general.
  • Stages of life: infancy, childhood.
  • Reviewing and describing films, books, etc.
  • There are lists of vocabulary on various topics under the Words tab.

TIP: Use our easy to understand lessons.

B1 Intermediate Pack
B1.01 – Adjectives II + Ed & Ing. B1.02 – Interjections & Conjunctions.
B1.03 – Adverbs from Adjectives. B1.04 – Past Continuous + Used To.
B1.05 – Zero & First Conditionals. B1.06 – 2nd & 3rd Conditionals.
B1.07 – Adverbs of Certainty + Verbs Let & Lie. B1.08 – The Past Perfect Simple Tense.
B1.09 – Verbs Get, Keep, Do & Make. B1.10 – Relative Clauses.
B1.11 – The Present Perfect Continuous Tense. B1.12 – The Imperative Tense.

Why Do Some People Learn More Quickly Than Others ?
Because they repeat each lesson over and over again !!!

  1. Take tests! – English Language Tests for Intermediate level students.
  2. Listen every day – English Podcasts for Intermediate level students.