Holiday Vocabulary

Frogs going on holiday cartoon.

Vacations and Holiday Words

Va·ca·tion (pronounced vəˈkeɪʃən) Noun

  • North American – an extended period of recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling. “He took a vacation in the south of France.”

Hol·i·day (pronounced ˈhɒlədeɪ) Noun

  • A day of festivity or recreation when no work is done. “December 25 is an official public holiday.”
  • British – “I spent my summer holidays on a farm.” “Our ten-day holiday.”
activities airfare airplane
airport all inclusive amusement park
annual holiday arrivals back-packing
baggage bags bathing suit
bathroom beach bed and breakfast
bikini boating booking
brochure cabin camera
camping camp-ground canoeing
car caravan carry-on bag
city-break coast cruise
currency customs departures
destination dining room discotheque
diving double room drive
embarkation en-suite excess baggage
exchange rate excursion expedition
exploring ferry first-aid kit
flight float fly
foreign full-board gap-year
get-away guest-house guide book
guided tour half-board hiking
holidays hostel hotel
itinerary journey knapsack
landing last-minute booking leave
leisure lobby lodge
lodging luggage map
medical supplies motel motor-home
night-life ocean one-way ticket
organized tour outings over 60’s holiday
overnight bag pack package holiday
park passage passport
pension photograph phrase-book
picnic port> postcard
recreation relaxation reservation
resort restaurant return ticket
road-trip safari sailing
sand scenery schedule
sea seashore season
self-catering ship shore
shorts shower sight-seeing
single room singles holiday skiing holiday
souvenirs stand-by station
suitcase summer sun
sundress sunscreen suntan oil
swimsuit swimming trunks take-off
tan taxi tent
ticket tour tour guide
tour operator tourist trail
train tram translator
transport travel agent travel insurance
trip trunk vacation
vaccination visa visit
voyage walking tours water-park
water-skiing weather weekend break
yachting youth hostel zoo

Some useful phrases to use on your holiday

Can I get a brochure on-line? Can I book my holiday on-line?
Do I need a visa? How long should my passport be valid for?
Do you have any last minute deals? Are there any discounts available?
What is included in the price? Is there transport to and from the airport?
Is the hotel 5 star? Do you have anything cheaper, please?
Does the resort have all the amenities? Where is the nearest shopping centre?
Where is the nearest hospital? Will I be able to find a wheelchair?
Do they cater for vegetarians? Is there any entertainment laid on?
Are the rooms air-conditioned? Are the rooms Centrally-heated?
I’ve lost my confirmation. Can I get a replacement?
I need to cancel the booking. What happens to the money if we cancel?