Fruits and Vegetables Vocabulary

Fruits and vegetables together.

A list of the Fruits and Vegetables that we eat:

FRUIT (pronounced – fruːt) Noun

The sweet and fleshy product of a tree or other plant that contains seed and can be eaten as food. i.e. Tropical fruits such as mangoes and papaya.

VEGETABLE (pronounced – vɛdʒtəbəl) Noun

A plant or part of a plant used as food, such as a cabbage, potato, turnip, or bean. i.e. Fresh fruit and vegetables.

FRUIT apple apricot
banana blackberry blueberry
cherry coconut crabapple
cranberry currant custard apple
damson date elderberry
fig gooseberry grapefruit
grape guava kiwi
kumquat lemon lime
lychee mandarin mango
melon mulberry nectarine
olive orange papaya
passion fruit pawpaw peach
pear pineapple plum
prune pomegranate raspberry
rhubarb strawberry sultana
tangerine vanilla watermelon
VEGETABLES artichokes asparagus
aubergine avocado beans – green
beans – lima beetroot bell-pepper
broccoli brussels sprouts cabbage
capsicum carrot cassava leaf
cauliflower celeriac celery
chicory collard greens corn
courgette (zucchini) cress cucumber
endive garlic gherkin
ginger horseradish kale
leek lettuce mushroom
mustard okra onion
parsnip peas plantain
potato pumpkin radish
rocket spinach squash
swede sweet pepper sweet potato
sweetcorn tomato (fruit) turnip greens
turnips watercress yams

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