Elementary English – Level A1

Colored pencils for use with elementary English lessons.

When students have reached Elementary level

They should…

  • Read the questions out loud as they do them, to remember the words more easily.
  • Do the lessons over again and write each sentence after reading it.
  • Practise some Listening with a page like ‘Learn English Podcasts’ from the British Council (link below).

A1 Grammar to cover:

  • Elementary verbs in the present simple positive, negative and question forms.
  • Simple adverbs of frequency: usually, sometimes.
  • Quantities: How much, how many? Some, any.
  • Showing ability: using can / can’t.
  • The past simple tense with the verb TO BE: was / were.
  • Future simple tense: I will go.
  • Past simple tense with regular verbs: I looked – I listened.

A1 – Vocabulary includes:

  • Elementary adjectives: opposites, colours.
  • Language for telling the time: what time is it? It’s half past three.
  • Language for shopping: types of shops, asking for what you want.
  • Asking for directions: straight ahead, turn left / right.
  • Months and years.
  • Weather: What’s the weather like? It’s raining.
  • Comparative adjectives: bigger, nicer, and so on, (superlatives in the next level).

TIP: Use our easy to understand lessons.

A1 Elementary Pack

A1.01 – Vocabulary Human Body. A1.02 – Object & Reflexive Pronouns.
A1.03 – Mixed Vocabulary. A1.04 – Present Simple Tense.
A1.05 – Talking About Time. A1.06 – Possessives & Apostrophe ‘S’
A1.07 – Present Continuous Tense A1.08 – Prepositions of Time
A1.09 – Prepositions of Place A1.10 – Singular & Plural Nouns
A1.11 – Countable & Uncountable Nouns A1.12 – Adjectives & Opposites

Teach Elementary Vocabulary in English:

  1. Once you have logged into the site, go to our page on Vocabulary and open the first item in the sidebar: 1,000 words. This will give you the top 1,000 words used in the English language today – a must have for this level.
  2. Tell students to write out one or two words every day on a card or a piece of paper.
  3. Go to lesson A0.01 – Phonetics & Greetings.
  4. Re-write the words on the card in Phonetics and look at it several times during the day.  Students should try and memorize each word.

Complementary Content:

Oxford University Press – Elementary English
Worksheets – Handouts Online.
Podcasts – British Council.