Negative Without Positive…

What does Negative without Positive mean?

Negative without Positive -the word negative on top of the word positive.

Well, it means that there are some negative words in English
that do not have a positive word as their opposite.

In English, the prefixes IN and UN plus a few others, are used to make certain words negative. The opposite of ‘comfortable’, for example, is ‘uncomfortable’. But some words that seem to be negative because of their prefix, actually do not have a positive form. For example, the opposite of ‘disdain’ is not ‘dain’– there is no such word. So this is a ‘negative without positive’.

Here is a list of some fairly common ‘negative without positive’ words.

If you want to really succeed with this language, be sure to look up these ‘negative without positive’ words in the Google Translation Tool (sidebar) or in a good dictionary.


debunk defenestrate dejected
disappoint disarray disconsolate
disdain disgruntled disheveled
dismayed disrupt feckless
gormless immaculate impetuous
impeccable impromptu inane
incessant inchoate incognito
incommunicado indefatigable indelible
indolent indomitable ineffable
inept inert inevitable
infernal inhibited inscrutable
insidious insipid insouciant
intact interminable invert
misgivings misnomer nonchalant
noncommittal nondescript nonpareil
nonplussed reckless unbeknownst
unbridled unflappable ungainly
ungodly unkempt unrequited
unsung unswerving untold
untoward unwieldly


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